The "Road Diets" in Playa del Rey are just the beginning, these lane reductions are planned all over the city on some of our most congested roads.

This is all part of Eric Garcetti's vision for the future of Los Angeles and is laid out in Mobility Plan 2035.  The map above is on page 136 and it shows all the streets across the city which are planned for "Road Diets".  If our government insists on continuing the implementation of this plan the already constant traffic in Los Angeles will become exponentially worse.    

The streets of most interest to residents of Playa Del Rey and Westchester are:

Lincoln Blvd - targeted for a lane removal in each direction from where it branches off from Sepulveda to where it hits Santa Monica at Rose

Sepulveda Blvd - targeted for a lane removal in each direction from Century Blvd to Sawtelle 

Manchester Blvd - targeted for a lane removal from Pershing to Florence 

Venice Blvd - The "Great Streets" project which has created chaos in Mar Vista by removing a lane in each direction for about 1/2 a mile either side of Centinela is slated to be expanded from the Pacific Ocean to Downtown LA

All of these streets are at a crawl during commuting hours now, if these lane reductions become a reality it will be impossible to move about the city.  And the unintended consequence of these lane reductions will be pushing traffic from the boulevards onto residential streets.  We are already seeing that in Upper Playa del Rey and Westchester.  And with the continual building of high density housing which is happening all over the Westside this problem is only going to get worse, much, much worse.