We are a group of residents of Playa Del Rey, Westchester and Playa Vista who want our city government to perform a true study where ALL solutions are considered that make the streets safe and keeps the traffic moving.

Mike Bonin's Road Diets are Killing Playa del Rey. 

please join us this saturday to Shop & Dine in PdR

 support Playa del rey's businesses!!

Councilman Mike Bonin's "road diets" are killing the businesses in Playa del Rey. Owners have had to take out bank loans just to make payroll, they've laid off employees, and just covering the rent is a real challenge. They cannot wait for Bonin to fix the mess he created -- some aren't sure they can even stay open much longer. 

These businesses our help. They are an important part of the community.Please join KeepPDRMoving this Saturday, September 16th and shop and dine in support of the businesses on Culver and Manchester.  Please take part, help spread the word. And don’t limit your patronage to just this Saturday. The community needs these businesses and — now more than ever — they need us.

The PdR/Westchester Neighborhood Council Pushes Back on Bonin, AGAIN!

On September 5 , 2017 the Playa del Rey/Westchester Neighborhood Council approved a motion to send a second letter to Bonin reaffirming that his "road diets" are not welcome in Playa del Rey!

Read the letter here

We are working with KeepLAMvoing as part of a broader effort to fight back against Road Diets and Traffic across the city.