Mike Bonin is NOT Listenting!!!!

Mike Bonin finally came out of hiding at the Mar Vista Community Council Meeting.  He appeared before several non-profit vision zero advocates brought in from outside of Bonin's district. This was an eye opener for the room, who were mostly against the road diets.  It was clear we are going to have to have to speak up; we will not win being the silent majority!


Bonin Gives a Little, PDR Responds

Yesterday was a busy day in our little beach town.  Mike Bonin announced that LADOT would be returning a lane to us on the eastbound section of Culver Blvd. between Nicholson and Jefferson.  This is the start of somethng and we are happy that our voices have begun to be hear.  However, those of us that leave, must also return.  John Russo responded to the announcement on the Channel 11 News yesterday at 10:00.